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The book includes ballet performances retold for children and you can buy it from the Romanian Opera from Bucharest.

Romeo and Juliet Ballet Performance

“So much time had elapsed since the Montagues and the Capulets had declared war that not even the oldest inhabitants of Verona could remember why that war stated. Rumours say that, whenever the members of the rival families met, even by chance, in the street, they ended up squaring off in duels. They did not even need a reason for quarrel.

At the crack of dawn, when the roosters hardly crowed the beginning of the day, Romeo Montague was wandering along the narrow streets of the small Italian town. People hadn’t even opened their shutters, and no lamp was flickering in the windows, a clear indication of the fact that everybody was enjoying the last peaceful hours of sleep”.

Anna Karenina Ballet Performance

“A little dog was busy playing with an odd boot on the platform. It was tossing it here and there, as if made of rubber, ignoring the travellers who were trembling with cold and waiting for the train that seemed not to arrive. It was not colder than other days, but even the mildest Russian winter brings long weeks of terrible blizzard, snowbanks and frozen rivers, from one bank to another.

As they saw the beautiful Anna Karenina, who came to the railway station waiting for her husband who was away with business, they could not take their eyes from her. Every gesture of hers showed distinction and the winter coat, tailored after the latest fashion from Paris, fit her perfectly. It was impossible to let the young officer Alexei Vronski take no interest in her, so, entranced, he glanced at her over and over again, for very long minutes.”

Spectacol de balet Anna Karenina

The Sleeping Beauty Ballet Performance

“Once upon a time, there was a King called Florestan. And that King was married to a Queen who was so beautiful that one could look into the sun, but she was even more blinding to the eyes. There was only one sorrow that was shadowing their happiness: they did not have children. However, one day, the queen got with child. Nine months later, she gave birth to the most wonderful being that had ever set foot on the face of the earth: a little girl with red and velvety lips, like rose petals, blue eyes like the morning glory flowers of the summer days, and black silky hair.

At the christening of Aurora – for that was her name – distinguished guests from seven kingdoms were invited. And, for everything in her life to go smoothly, her parents thought of inviting a retinue of fairy godmothers, led by the Lilac Fairy. Only one of them did not receive an invitation, the dark Carabosse. Full of rage because nobody has remembered her, she swore to remain unforgettable in the history of the palace”.

Don Quixote Ballet Performance

“Long time ago, in Spain, there was a rich province called La Mancha, spreading from the feet of the Toledo Mountains and up to the valleys of the rivers Zancara and Jucar.  In one of the old mansions, there lived Don Quixote, a noble man, who was kind of a lunatic, being mocked at even by his own servants very many times. Since the crack of dawn and until late at night, all that he did was to read chivalry novels at the flicker of the last stub of a candlelight. And he read these novels with such grand passion, that he had started believing that he was part of the action. Many times, he used to daydream how he would fight for the honour of the princesses in distress, how he would mercilessly punish injustice, or how he would cross over all kinds of obstacle, like Tristan, the brave. Not only that he believed himself as being a story character, he even fell in love with Dulcinea, a young lady whose ravishing beauty he had read about in books.”


These ballet performance stories were retold for children by Iolanda Petrescu.

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