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Fitness ballet class

Fitness Academy Ballet Class is a new training program which combines the elegance of the classic ballet steps with the energy of the aerobics movements. All persons who love ballet and the qualitative music and who look for a type of training different from the currently existing ones, will be happy about this program. The benefits of the Ballet Fitness Academy classes are visible both at physical and psychical level. Such program helps us to feel more confident, optimistic and full of energy. The main benefits of ballet fitness focus on the reduction of stress, self-knowledge and increased mental capacity.

The program conceived by the prima ballerina, Iolanda Petrescu, has also the role to reshape the body, making it more beautiful, invigorated, esthetic, harmonious, strong and resistant.

When executed correctly, the steps from Ballet Fitness Academy provide support also for weight loss and, therefore, within the shortest time possible, your body will be invigorated, and the additional kilos will melt. Following these training sessions, the flexibility and mobility will be improve, the students will correct their posture, will have healthy joints and they will develop their lung capacity thanks to the deep breaths.  

The Ballet Fitness exercises focus also on the interaction between soul, mind and body and, together with classical music, they lead to an increase of the brain’s activity.

The Ballet Fitness Academy classes take place between 07:30 PM and 08:30 PM at the office from Mihail Sebastian nr. 130

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