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“Ballet Art” Dancing Academy is a school with tradition which has always brought the dancing art to unique performances for its students. Founded in 2001 by Iolanda Petrescu, the prima ballerina of “Ion Dacian” Comic Opera National Theater, the Academy is the place where the new talents of the classical and contemporary ballet are trained. Its offer for ballet classes for children and ballet classes for adults is adapted to the objectives of every student.

We help the persons who regard ballet as a hobby to reach their maximum potential and we try to offer them a better life through dancing. We are aware of the importance of movement for the physical and psychical development of a child. This is why we want to make sure that our students enjoy all benefits of ballet: discipline, organization, harmonious body, grace and strength.

For the persons who want to get in the spotlight on the world’s greatest stages, we know how to cultivate the exceptional talents and to promote them through the international contests we participate in every year. The students with real aptitudes and the desire to continue a career in this field, benefit from the entire arsenal of knowledge and the dedication of our teachers. They will benefit from high level training, which will offer them the chance to obtain a scholarship or a place in one of the most prestigious ballet institutions in Europe. The students of our school, who were admitted, over time, in elite schools, as the National Opera from Vienna, Ballet Section, bear witness for this.

Awards obtained by Ballet Art Dancing Academy

Ana Popescu – Admitted the National Opera School from Vienna 2018

Marina Ghemigian – admitted at “BOLSHOI BALLET ACADEMY SUMMER SCHOOL”.

Qualification in the final of the most important ballet contest, “YAGP” New York
Mariuca Iordache – admitted at “BOLSHOI BALLET ACADEMY SUMMER SCHOOL”
Ilinca Buzatu – the first student of a particular ballet school in the country admitted at the National Opera School from Vienna (2006)
Ruxandra Necula – admitted at the National Opera School from Vienna (2011)
Cosmina Fusu – admitted at Viener Konservatorium (2014)
Marina Minoiu – soloist Royal Danish Ballet
Alice Minoiu – ballerina of Bucharest National Opera

Students admitted at Floria Capsalli  Choreography High-School: 

Cristian Danu,  Corina Lupescu, Sabina Ionita, Catalina Nicolescu, Delia Dumbravă, Sonia Leonte, Ariana Iordan, Teodora Mateescu, Ioana Voicu, Ioana Hotoiu, Daria Panduru, Mariuca Iordache, Mara Bitirez si Denisa Rosoiu


European Ballet Grang Prix - Viena februarie 2018
Premiile obtinte la Concursul Lebada de Cristal 2018
Bucharest Dance Festival – Noiembrie 2016
YAGP Paris – Noiembrie 2016
Festivalul Stelele Aurii – Noiembrie 2016
D’aor Grand Prix – Noiembrie 2016
EUROPEAN BALLET GRAND PRIX – Viena - februarie 2017
International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition Domenico Modugno – Italia – Martie 2017
Lebada de Cristal – aprilie 2017
Dance Star - World Dance Master - Porec – Croatia – Mai 2017
Marea Neagră – Constanta - Mai 2017
Premii 2016
Concursul Internațional de dans “Marea Neagră” – mai 2016
Dance Star Bulgaria – aprilie 2016
Festivalul Stelele Aurii – mai 2016
Premii 2015
Concursul national “STELELE AURII”
Premii 2014
Premiul I mondial la EDSU Croaţia (2011)
Premiul al III-lea mondial la EDSU Croaţia (2012)
Locul II la sectiunea balet clasic si locul II la sectiunea contemporan la concursul Le Concours Prix Arabesque din Belgia


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